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Saint-Sulpice Church Paris

The Da Vinci Code states that the Paris Meridian or the Rose Line as the book calls it, runs through Saint-Sulpice church. This is fiction. Yes, Saint-Sulpice has a meridian line but the one in Saint-Sulpice has nothing to do with the once zero-longitude line Paris Meridian. The meridian line in Saint-Sulpice is used to determine the winter solstice and Easter.

Saint-Sulpice is the largest church in Paris, Notre-Dame included. The present church is the second Saint-Sulpice. The first Romanesque church was built during the 13th century. It lasted until the middle 1600’s when the present church was built.

If you visit Saint-Sulpice make sure to stroll over to the Jardins du Luxembourg, the home of the French Senate and one of the larger gardens in Paris. A great place to rest, have a picnic and enjoy the view of the Luxembourg Palace.

Saint-Sulpice church is located in the Saint Germain neighborhood of Paris in the 6th district metro stop Saint-Sulpice.

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