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American Embassy & Consulate Paris

In Paris there is an American Embassy and an American Consulate. In The Da Vinci Code Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu are desperately trying to get to the American Embassy so that Langdon can be safely out of French jurisdiction.

The American Embassy and Consulate are very close to each other, within easy walking distance. Both share the same metro stop – Concorde. During my self guided Paris Da Vinci Code tour, I took photos of the American Consulate. The photos below are of the Consulate located at 2 rue Saint Florentin in the 1st district. The Embassy can be found at 2 avenue Gabriel in the 8th district.

American Embassy Paris

This is the American Consulate in Paris.

American Embassy Paris

This is the street the American Consulate is located on, rue Saint-Florentin.

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